5V7TH 2013 QTH:






Radio Schack in the Hotel room...with a view on my Hexbeam


Antenna building:


The animal is not real.


30/40 meter vertical against a palmthree


Electric worker next to the Hotel..



5V7TH on the local market place...


Togo city traffic,    CARS= 2ehand EU import         Moto=Chinese new import


Togo inland traffic


5V7TH and XYL (Cendy)...


5V7TH 2012 QTH :




   10 meter band 5V7TH PILE UP on the dxpedions operator side

  For this recording on the speaker ! No headphone !




  First day, just one antenna up, 30 meter band vertikal with groundradials:



 2nd day Hex beam assembling:


Afther permision from the Hotel managment, i was allowed to put up the antenna.

They asked permission from the local Police ! 

Assembling the 6-band hex beam


 Made a hole in the ground to support the mast with 6 -band hex beam,or vertikal


 Support from my girlfriend Cendy, she has come with me to Togo:


 6-Band Hex beam in the Hotel garden, qrv in 35 minutes:


 YES QRV ! :



 We stay in Hotel Safari, (+-) 25 km from capital Lomé:


 "dry foot" boat taxi over "Le Lac TogoVille":
























1,5km distance from our Hotel!





  Afrika made lamp, source of frequently power cuts when it's raining:




 Visit to big city Lomé with my Togolaise guide and friend Clement:


  With my girlfriend Cendy in Togo's capital city Lomé:










  Local Girls with "le blanche"




  Good Kitchen !



  crazy local drivers:


























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